Jay was born October 28, 1958 in Lafayette, Indiana to Charles and Martha (Hoste) Davis. He married Kristie Jo Owen on September 22, 1995 in Colorado Springs, Colorado where they were both stationed at the Air Force Academy. Jay bravely fought colorectal cancer for about 3 years. He always had a positive attitude and a great sense of humor, making Kristie laugh right up to the end.
Jay served 20 years in the United States Air Force, working 12 years as an environmental support specialist operating water and wastewater treatment plants, then 8 years as an environmental manager of environmental programs. He retired as a Master Sergeant in 2001. Jay was an avid motorcyclist for over 25 years and was a motorcycle safety instructor while in the Air Force. He was also a member of the Westfield American Legion.
"Jay was the sweetest and strongest person I have ever known. He didn't know any strangers. When he first met some of my friends they commented on how easy he was to get to know and that after spending 5 minutes with him they felt like they knew him forever.
"We recently bought a boat and he just loved being able to take it out. The dogs enjoyed it too. Jay loved to fish."
"He has always had a dog in his life. Jay loved to play frisbee with Sadie, our Chocolate Lab, and was just getting started playing frisbee with Brindi, our red Border Collie, before he got so sick. Sadie introduced us to the world of frisbee. Jay and I grew up with labs. He is the only brother in his family that has ever had a cat (or cats). He didn't think of Thomas as a cat, though. He always said Thomas was just too cool to be a cat.
"His true soulmate, however, was Taylor, our Australian Shepherd who was also diagnosed with cancer. Taylor and Jay were soul mates; he was his shadow. As soon as Jay got up in the morning Taylor was on his heels ready to follow him around. Sadly, Taylor joined Jay later that day.
"We were really lucky to have the animals we had and that it was really special that they all get along so wonderfully. Both of us found it odd that people have animals that don't get along like ours do."

Jay, 10/28/58-9/15/05

The following individuals and groups have made contributions to GLBCR in Jay's memory:





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