Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue

Blondie, now Skye
Blondie Gender: Female
Age: 4-5 Years (est)
Height/Weight: 18"/30#
Housebroken: Yes
Fenced yard required:  No
Location: SE Michigan
Foster Home: Laurie
Treat-motivated: Yes
Toy-motivated:  Yes
Likes Car Rides: No
Good with cats:  Yes
Good with kids: TBD
Commands:  Come, Sit

Update: Blondie was adopted in November, 2009.

I am a pretty, pretty girl!

Miss Blondie is a petite lass who is probably mixed with Sheltie.   Though she was picked up as a stray, it’s very clear that up until recently, Blondie was someone’s dog.  She arrived housebroken and knowing basic commands, including recall – even more amazing when you realize we don’t know her real name.   Despite her small stature, she has a large personality, and would do best in a home with someone willing to set boundaries.   She loves toys, especially anything she can destroy, but hasn’t so much as looked at anything that’s not a chew toy.  Fetch is a favorite, though she still needs work on giving up the ball after she returns it.  Blondie loves attention and with the triple bonus  of Treat/Toy/Praise motivation, she will probably excel at obedience or agility.  She mostly ignores my female BC mix, competing only for attention, and only in a non-threatening way.   Other than the initial surprise at finding a bird in the house, she has ignored my parrot as well.

Blondie’s ideal home would be with an adult (or adults) looking for an active, outgoing companion, and I suspect she will bond strongly with her new person.  Every so often she looks at me in the same way the baby bird does in the classic children’s story Are You My Mother?   Each time, I have to tell her, “No, honey, I’m not.  But we’re going to find her for you.” 




This is what I looked like when I first came to GLBCR.  A lot of effort went into getting my beautiful coat this dirty.

So then of course, this happened...

This toy right here?  Destroyed less than five minutes later.  I'm good.

Rescue dogs ROCK!