Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue

What Do You Get with That Adoption Fee?

It's not merely a fee for transferring a "second hand" dog to another owner. All adult dogs that we take into our care, and later adopt to a family, have been spayed or neutered, brought up-to-date on vaccinations and checked for heartworm and other parasites. That's just the starting point.

  • Spay/Neuter ranges from $150 - $300

  • Vaccinations are $40-$120

  • Fecal test $25-$35

  • Heartworm test $25-$40

  • Heartworm and de-worming medication $20-$40

  • Microchip $15
Total veterinary expenses for a "healthy" dog: $200 - $450

If, however, a dog is heartworm positive (which is very common occurrence), treatment is $500 - $700. Additional expenses may be as follows:

  • Older dogs must have a complete blood panel prior to a routine spay/neuter ($80 - $120).
  • Many rescued dogs need dental cleanings and, occasionally, tooth extractions ($300 - $600)
  • Orthopedic problems can range from $750-$5000.

Besides helping to heal a dog's body, we strive to heal emotional wounds, build confidence, and provide a state of calm and security. For each dog, we provide as much history as was available and as much information as possible on the dog's temperament and identify training challenges. Our rescues are house-trained and crate-trained (when appropriate). They are taught basic manners and many receive additional training in herding, obedience, agility, flyball.

We rescue purebreds as well as some Border Collie mixes, but the equal attention is given to all. Adopting a dog with a good temperament and all the "good" Border Collie traits is far preferable to adopting one possessing a pedigree but unstable temperament. Furthermore, not all families are capable of living with a purebred and in such cases, a Border Collie mix may be just the right fit.

For the rest of the dog's life, we are here to help with training, behavior, and health questions. If there comes a time where the owner finds he/she cannot keep this dog anymore, we will gladly assist with re-homing the dog or bringing him back into the rescue for re-homing.

If an owner wants a place to brag about their rescued Border Collie, commiserate about the challenging training days, or needs comfort after escorting their dog to the Rainbow Bridge, we are here. Like us on Facebook and share your stories. We love to hear how our rescued dogs are getting on with their new lives - that is our reward for the time and commitment put into each dog who comes through our rescue.