Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Adria Gender: Female
Age: Puppy
Foster Home: Sheila

Update: Adria was adopted in December, 2004 by the same family who adopted Shep in 2002. We've received the following updates:

5/17/05 Shep and Adria are quite the duo - and they are the best of friends! You can always catch them digging a giant hole together for the heck of it! Adria is growing with leaps and bounds. She is such the joker and is the first pup out the door and the first to meet and greet family. She is still shy with strangers, very shy actually, however we are gradually socializing her to become more acceptive of others - it takes a day or two before she loves on strangers - and strangers after 48 hours become best friends. So, she still needs some work on her boldness, but in every other aspect she's wonderful.

Adria is fun and friendly. She does not pay any mind to livestock, and I have been training her from horseback so she can safely accompany Shep, my horse, and me on rides. She loves to play in water (even her doggie bowl - she'll paw at the water and make a big mess or lay with her face in the bowl or her feet). She enjoys car rides now and is the first to jump up in the cab of the truck. And she has also started to learn and understand the concept of playing frisbee. Frisbee is Shep's favorite game - and Adria would always go after the frisbee when Shep already caught it - but now she has started to learn how to catch it on her own. She's not incredibly good yet, but she's very athletic and is proving to be a good student.

Adria is very loving and loves to cuddle. She's a lap dog now, when she's a lot bigger than her puppy size. She still weighs very little, but she's still bigger than most pups and wants to be right up in your face and in your way. When you're trying to watch TV, it's not a surprise when she jumps up onto your lap, sitting with her face right in your's, blocking your view. She's wonderful and very dainty. However, if there's a mess of mud to find - or something stinky - be sure that Adria will be the first to find it (and then let you know)! My fiancé and I have learned over these past couple of months that Adria is a Daddy's Angel, and Shep has always been (and will always be) a Mama's Boy!

The pictures are from the last couple of months, I will have to send more recent pictures, because Adria has been growing and sprouting a lot! Shep and Adria always try to dig their way to China, it doesn't matter where they are - if there's dirt, they'll try to tunnel their way there!

1/12/06 Adria is starting to mature and blossom into a beautiful border collie. Her coat is starting to grow longer and fuller, which is making her look 10x's more beautiful - if that's even possible. Adria is a spitfire - and a true angel. She is energetic, intelligent, athletic, great with the horses, and tons of fun!! She's everything that we have hoped she'd be - and more. She's always active and running some where's, however if she's called to attention, she'll always drop what she is doing and pay mind until she is told what is expected of her. Adria is still shy and questioning of strangers, but eventually, she can be won over - and once you have her trust (and meet her liking), she's a lap dog - with a big heart and millions of kisses ready to give. She'll give hugs, pats on your back, or smooches constantly. She's always up for a cuddle with someone she loves, and those who she loves - well, no one ever denies her some loving!

Adria loves to swim - and every second she can, even during winter, she's leaping into the pond to take a dip - BRRR!!! Adria loves car rides, is great with our kitten (Cami), and is a 110% Daddy's baby girl. Adria loves to model after something that she observes... She pounces like a cat and tries to eat at the table like a person does (but she's not allowed to do that, so she doesn't try a lot!!). She also can be spotted quite often bounding off into the trees or a field after deer, leaping just as they do. She seemed disappointed when the geese flew off, and she wasn't able to fly! Best of all, Adria always has a goofy grin that brings a smile to anyone's face. Both of our GLBCR dogs have been wonderful blessings. Adria is such a delight and we couldn't be happier with our goofy pup. And Shep will always be a Mama's boy to the end - he's my absolute love. They are both amazing individuals; Adria's fiery spirt and Shep's steadfast loyalty makes our household complete. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to share our life with such wonderful souls.

09/17/2006 Oh boy, where can I begin with this little vixen? Almost two years old - and, boy, you'd think she'd start nurturing some of the wisdom that Shep seems to have been born with... Adria is a beautiful and charismatic pup - full of energy, will, and life. She's constantly on the go - and, boy, does she loves to play also. Adria is very intelligent and athletic - she's quick to pick up new commands and rolls over on cue, and is just so adorable!!! She's great with the horses, loves bounding after deer, herding geese, and swimming - man, does she love to swim!! She will whine and prance around your feet begging for you to throw the stick "just one more time" for another leap into water... She seems to swear with her eyes, "just one more, I swear, then we can stop"... But as soon as she's back again, the begging starts all over again. I have to be careful that she's doesn't exhaust herself. She's very sweet with those she knows and loves, which honestly is only three others and myself.

That's the downfall of Adria, she was shy when we first picked her up as a puppy and is still shy now with strangers. She's slightly aggressive and although it's not a problem for us in the home, it's a lot to work on - and over the years, she's proving to be a difficult student in this aspect. We are very slowly trying to teach her proper manners and that not everyone is out to get her - and she's seems to be doing well, but it's going to take a lot of time.

All in all, I feel blessed to have my two rescued Border Collies. They are a daily enjoyment and indulgence - Shep and Adria themselves are inseparable. (Except when Adria's swimming, Shep will only wade along the shoreline where he can touch!!) They have brought humor, fun, and security into my household. Shep plays the role of the wise old man and Adria is our slightly naive but exuberant little girl - it balances out well.

Thank you very much for your services to this breed and rehoming these deserving dogs into loving forever homes. I hate to even think about the life Shep would have lived without the interception and assistance from GLBCR. You have done a great job with not only giving these abused and abandoned dogs a second chance, but having also enhanced the lives of many families.