Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Blackie, now Budge
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Foster Home:

"Grrr,owww,mfffff...WTH! Geez,mother, I'm trying to nap here!"

In 2013, and in honor of the Les Miserables movie adaption, Budge entertained us with a little song:

Master of the couch,
Keeper of the treats,
Come and rub my belly, but don't touch my feets!

I will kiss your face,
If you really wish,
But first go put some goodies into my food dish!

Tonight I think I'll sleep on your bed,
And you can lay here on the floor!
Please don't wake me up right now, I want to dream some more!

Master of the couch,
I am a Handsome Boy.
I much prefer a live squirrel to a squeaky toy!

Let me out right now!
I want to go outside!
Now come and let me back in 'cause I've changed my mind.

Why don't you just install a dog door?
Then I could come and go at will.
I am the master of the couch, or am I dreaming still?

Update: Blackie was adopted in April, 2004, and is now known as Budge, "Rhett Budgler," and "Handsome Boy."

Update: 11-09-04 Budge is a delightful dog, full of the joy of life, and I am so happy we found each other! Budge fit in to my "family" as soon as I brought him home 6 months ago, although my 12-year-old BC mix, Tess, was a little overwhelmed by his exuberance. But Budge sooned learned his limits around Tess and they became good friends. Unfortunately, no dog lives forever, and about 2 months ago I had to put Tess down. Budge gently licked the tears from my face as I cried for my departed friend, and for a few weeks he always searched around the apartment for Tess whenever we'd come home from a walk or car ride.

Budge is so full of life. He loves everyone and is so gentle around little kids. He bounds through the woods on our morning walks as though he has deer DNA, launching himself over fallen trees with ease and navigating through thick underbrush at high speed like a radar guided rocket! He has become very trustworthy off-leash, and comes back to me when I whistle or call him. He loves nothing better than chasing a deer or squirrel or rabbit, which I'm sure he believes were made just for his amusement.

And he loves to play and romp with other dogs, and absolutely lives to swim in the summertime. One of his favorite games over the summer was "diving" for submerged crabapples that had fallen into his wading pool. He would paw at them until he had them cornered, then plunge his entire face under the water to retrieve his prize.

Lately he has taken to silently stealing a banana off the kitchen counter, peeling it, and eating the entire fruit! His favorite toy is a plush monkey that screeches when he bites down on it. I'm convinced that Budge thinks it's alive as he'll walk around the apartment carrying it in his mouth and softly whining. Budge is a Godsend, and I'm so thankful for all the hard work the GLBCR volunteers put in to give Budge a second chance. And thanks, GLBCR, for taking in BC mixes as well as purebreds! Budge is a perfect example of what a fine dog a BC mix can be.





The picture that got him "sprung" from the shelter...

This one just sealed the deal.

As you can see, Budge takes his duties as "Assistant Dispatcher" very seriously.

On "Squirrel Patrol," another important job.

At the International Kennel Club Show in Chicago, working as an "Ambassador Dog." Here, he's asking his mom to buy him a more manly bandana.

Demonstrating proper yogurt-eating technique.