Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Shannon, now Blackie
Shannon Gender: Female
Age: Puppy
Foster Home: Peggy

Update: Shannon was adopted in September, 2004 and is now known as Blackie. She was one of the seven Peachy Pups, and the last to be born. We're received the following updates from her new family: "9/15 Blackie has been a very good girl. She slept quietly in her cage last night and has gone pee-pee outside every time! She is getting the hang of playing fetch and has played with all her toys. She likes to lie on the cool tile in our kitchen and since that is where we hang out we are pleased. Sunny waited until she was napping and then sniffed her good. They are keeping a respectful distance but there haven't been any problems. She cried a little when she had to say goodbye to Harry and Apple. Thank you for all you have done for Peaches and her pups. We know Blackie will be a good dog since she has been in such loving hands since her birth. She is going to the vet on Friday so I will let you know what our vet has to say. There is a special place in heaven for people like you!

9/18/04 Blackie is a very smart dog! She loves to have her belly rubbed and kicks her little leg when you hit the right spot. She sees her reflection in the sliding door when it is dark outside and loves to look at herself. She wants to play with the puppy in the glass. I'm sure she still misses her brothers and sisters. She loves to get into small spaces and I didn't realize how dusty the bottom side of my nightstand was until she got under there and "dusted" it for me with her black fir. She took to the leash right away and will be a good walking dog when she learns to heal. Will and I just gave her 1st bath here... I don't know if there is any "water dog" in her since she did not like it! She was a very slippery seal!

9/26/04 Blackie got a good report at the Vet Thursday. The microchip was implanted correctly and they got a reading. She weighed 18 pounds. They took the more advanced heartworm test and sent it off to a lab and she passed it. There is no sign of hip dysplasia or any other problems. She didn't have any fleas or parasites in her poop. She had a shot and goes back in 1 month for some more. She will be fixed in January. They couldn't guess at what she is mixed with but Chow and Lab came up (when the neighbors saw Harry and Apple they thought Chow also) They did assure me that it didn't look like Pit Bull or Rotweiler... They guessed 40-50 pounds some day.

Attached is a picture of Blackie in one of her favorite places, under my feet at the computer. She has found all the air conditioning vents on the floors and likes to rest on top of them. We wonder what she will do when the heat starts coming out of them!

11/1/04 She is a very smart little girl and is very good for us. She lost her first tooth yesterday. She enjoys chewing on ice and frozen rags and comes to the kitchen and sits when she hears the ice machine on the fridge. She is still not going near the stairs to the basement though...(they are carpeted with walls on each side!) Not even for a treat! She has figured out the doggie door and likes to go outside and sit in her doghouse. She brings her toys outside and either hides them in her doghouse or tosses them all over the yard. I don't think jumping is going to be an issue with her. She won't even try to jump up on the bed or couch! She likes to go for walks and heals very well. She seems to just want to be by my side and not explore too much. I guess she is a bit of a wussy! Yesterday when the trick or treaters rang the bell sunny barked at the baby gate at all of them and Blackie ran and hid under my computer desk each time! In fact, that is where she is right now, taking a nap on my foot!

3/31/05 Attached is a picture of Blackie that I took yesterday in her favorite place outside. She is wearing an Easter ribbon since she went to the groomer last week.

She loves to go in and out of the doggie door and hang out in her house or in the cedar chips in my flower beds when she thinks she can get away with it. Now that the weather has turned, she loves to go for walks and you can t even say the word "go" anymore without her getting excited. She is doing much better in heeling when she isn't so distracted.

Reunited with sister Ali at their first obedience class.

She is very gentle with the old dog Sunny but Sunny would love to snap her in the nose when she gets too close in play. Blackie never snaps at her but isn't afraid to stir things up a bit.

She is not a destructive dog except for the digging... She tries to hide bones like her mother, Peaches. She doesn't dig to get out of the yard but randomly all over the yard. Then she flies in the house with dirty paws. Sunny, our sheltie, has never had dirty paws in her life and just looks at Blackie in disgust when she is rolling in the grass and digging. But then Sunny eats her poo so she really can't talk...

She isn't a runner either. I'm grateful for that since I have doggysat the runner (cocker spaniel) who lives across the street.

She did well this Easter Sunday with a house full of family and she doesn't jump on people at all. Everyone marvels at what a mellow border collie dog she is. Everyone is amazed at how big she is but agrees she is a very good dog.

We love Blackie, she is the best puppy we have ever had.