Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Bart, now Finn McCool
Bart Gender: Male
Age: 1 Year
Foster Home: Mary G.

Update: Bart was adopted in December, 2005 and is now known as Finn McCool. In July, 2005, he sent us the following update: "I adopted my family last December. Good choice on my part. The GLBCR thinks it was their decision, but I put my otherworldly powers to use and bent their minds my way.

"While at the "Mary" household in foster care, I managed to sneak some time on the computer and learned all about this Irish warrior, Finn MacComhal (Finn McCool). Since he was so - well, COOL - I thought that would be a great name for me. I managed to connect with what would be my new five year old boy on our site visit, and left it up to him to persuade the big guys in the house. Now I finally have the name I should have been born with.

"Before I go on, I would like to apologize to Mary for my transgressions: counter cruising, chewing up a few things (sorry about those computer cables, Mary) and the yard destruction. I know now that I probably shouldn't have done that. Mary told Mom and Dad everything, so now they watch me so close that I don't get away with ANYTHING!!

"Ok, I probably didn't help my case any when I moved in and tried to capture "leader" status of the pack. I discovered very quickly that getting mouthy with the three year old girl was a huge "no-no." I did try to chase the cat once. We won't go any further there - I don't want to look bad to other bc's. (Who would of thought an animal had claws like that! I hope I have that much guts when I'm 21.)

"After about a week I started thinking that, while very nice, this place is a bit of bore. Once again summoning my special powers, I convinced Dad that he needed to take me to work with him. There is certainly a reason I wanted this family, and that's because Dad runs a golf course. A golf course with a lot of geese.

"At first I didn't know what a "geese" was, but after the snow melted --- WOW. I think geese are a gift from the heavens above. Dad does not think so highly of them, but then he doesn't see them like I do -- preferably waddling for a few feet before desperately taking to the air to get away. Oh, it does just crack me up to see them taking off. There's not so many to chase anymore, but Dad says that's the idea.

Speaking of Dad, he's just the best! I took him to obedience class for a few weeks. Then I took him to the advanced classes to sharpen the skills he learned in the first. Today, we had an official test with some "AKC Group" and he passed!! Of course, it's all under the guise of testing "me", but we know giving me a "Canine Good Citizen" award means that I've finally achieved a certain level of training for my Dad. I'm so proud!

Yep, I've really managed to land on my feet. I get up with Dad and get to go to work and chase things. I used to run the 18 holes twice a day, but with the hot weather I've wised up and ride in the cart a lot. Dad says I'm a real good boy because I sit patiently by the side of the greens for him to change cups, and never get on the tees or in the bunkers. Of course I don't!! Do you have any idea how long it takes me to get the sand out from between my toes??

But -- My favorite part is when I see them on the horizon - geese feeding on the greens -- I go on alert -- and then I hear those magic words, "Go Get Em!" I scramble out and, head hung low, see how close I can get before they scatter. I circle around and around, until finally they just take off. Ahhh heaven. There was that one time I got so excited I jumped OVER the hood of the cart, instead of out the side door. Something else we won't talk about.

Another great thing is that I get to meet a lot of people. A ton of people. All those workers in the shop, all those vendors who visit, all the members - they just love me! I don't think they love Dad so much, but don't tell him or his feelings will get hurt.

Mom isn't too bad, either. After a quick "after work" nap, I'm ready to go and she walks me each night. She's lost seven pounds already, and gives me proper credit for helping her keep to her exercise regimen. Kids are great too, always good for belly rubs and hugs. Sometimes they even grab my rope tug toy and I have great fun pulling them around the yard.

So, while there are lots of rules in this house: No begging; no chewing on anything that doesn't belong to you; no getting on the counter, the bed, the couch; walk WITH mom, don't drag her; only get treats/food in ONE spot; no jumping; no digging up the yard - SO MANY RULES! -- I am adjusting well. They make it all worth while. Thanks for giving my family to me.

Finn McCool