Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue

Capo, now Nico
Capo Gender: Male
Age: Baby
Fenced yard required:
Foster Home: Pam
Likes Car Rides:
Good with cats:
Good with kids:

Capo was adopted in March, 2009 and is now known as Nico. We were delighted to have Nico and his family join us at the 2010 GLBCR Rescue Reunion picnic this year, where he and his young owner won First Prize in the Best Trick Contest!

July, 2010 Nico's mom writes: "Sticks, tennis balls, and faceless stuffies are always dangling from Nico's teeth! (For whatever reason, stuffies are never allowed to retain their eyeballs or noses for more than a day!) If we're outside doing ANYTHING, he constantly angles for his best chance at getting his toy tossed. When we tried Nico and Graeson (12 yrs. old) on sheep, our old BC did famously well, but Nico thought about it, tried it for a little bit, then looked to us for his tennis ball REWARD for 'herding' the sheep for roughly 2 minutes. My daughter astutely observed, in that sage wisdom that only comes from youth, that Nico 'would've liked sheep a whole lot better if they had tennis balls stuffed in their ears.'

"Yep, the strategic toy dropping is part of both of my BC's repertoire - all of these blog posts could've been written describing mine! My wonderful Nico has discovered that if all of his humans are ever so sadly occupied (or absent,) he can entertain himself with the tennis balls in a pinch. He goes to the top of the stairs, drops the tennis ball, then watches it until it hits a stair about halfway down. His resolve to wait melts, and he bolts pell-mell down the stairs after it, and returns to the top. Repeat ad nauseum....

"He discovered this great game at about 3 in the AM one night, when 'mommy' was WASTING TIME sleeping when she could be throwing his toy. Then, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce. run run run run, ........... bounce bounce bounce bounce RUN RUN RUN, ..... I took the tennis ball away. By morning, I had a soggy stack of about 10 tennis balls on my headboard."

You try balancing a ball on your nose when it's this windy!





Me and my siblings at our big debut!


Us at four weeks - I'm the cutest!

Darn Chihuahuas!

I just wanted to snuggle!

Sure, now that I'm big enough to generate heat, he wants to be my friend.

Snow is fun!

Me and my sister Rosie at the GLBCR picnic!