Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue

Jenny Gender:Female
Age:Est 1 Year
Height/Weight:35 lbs / 19"
Fenced yard required:No
Location: SE Michigan
Foster Home: Stacy
Likes Car Rides:Yes
Good with cats: TBD
Good with kids:TBD

Update: Jenny was adopted in August, 2010 and became the second GLBCR dog in her new home. Jenny's new family adopted Riggs in 2007. Congratulations!

Ready for a bright and beautiful future...

Jenny is a one year old female border collie mix rescued just before her shelter euthanization date.  A bunch of nice volunteers helped her find her way to us.  And we're so glad she's here.

Though she hasn't met you yet, Jenny LOVES you!  Seriously.  She is about the most people lovin' dog you're likely to see.  She wants to give you hugs, sit in your lap, look at you adoringly, and have you gently pet and love her in return. 

She's curious and active (when not making goo goo eyes), and loves a nice romp in the grass.  This girl would enjoy frequent outdoor activity, since she likes to stretch her legs and experience the smells and sounds of the out of doors.  She has an adorable pounce.

Jenny is mild mannered, and has not struggled at all to fit in with other dogs. Her play can be rough and tumble, so any potential dog sibling should be enthusiastic too!

She's housebroken and crate trained, but is just starting to learn basic commands.  Jenny has not yet been tested with young children or cats.

We're still getting to know her, so check back soon for updates.  Jenny will be available for adoption as soon her her spay sutures are out.




This is me at the shelter. I'm putting on my bravest face, but it was pretty scary there.

This is me on my first day with GLBCR.  See how awful my coat was?  I do have a glorious tail though, don't I?

From the front...

...and from the rear.

This is a much happier face than the one in my shelter picture, don't you think?


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