Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue

Miga Gender: Female
Age:  1-2 Years
Height/Weight: 20"/32#
Housebroken: Yes
Fenced yard required:  Yes
Location: Metro Detroit
Foster Home: Stacy
Treat-motivated: Yes
Toy-motivated:  Yes
Likes Car Rides: Yes
Good with cats:  TBD
Good with kids: TBD
Fears:None Known
Commands:  Come, Sit, Down

March, 2014: "Mig is doing great! After I got her, I started training her in agility. After about a year, I figured out that while she would do it, agility was not her favorite activity. However, I did discover that she LOVES herding and she LOVES frisbee (disc)! So that is what she gets to do now. The head shot that you saw was of her watching the sheep. We had a herding day and had a professional photographer taking some pics for us. I don't have sheep on my property, nor do I have time to take her herding as much as she needs/wants to go, but my agility instructor (Sally) is big into herding. So she picks Mig up from my house every other Monday and takes her to a trainer (Denise) for herding lessons. You should hear Mig squeal when Sally comes to pick her up because she knows that Sally takes her to see the sheep. And on a few occasions, she has stayed with Denise for a week or two at a time when I was out of town for work or on vacation. She loves staying with Denise. She has also become a great disc dog. She can run fast and snag those discs out of the air. I would like to take her to some disc dog competitions this year. I often wonder how Mig ended up in the shelter and what would have happened to her if GLBCR hadn't rescued her."

From our Facebook page, August, 2013: "This is my beautiful Mig (Miga). I adopted her from Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue a little over 3 years ago."

November, 2010: Miga's mom writes: "Just a quick note to let you know what Mig has been up to. I had to go out of town last week, so instead of having Mig just sitting at home, I decided to send her to a friend's house for some herding training. Mig is very talented, has tremendous instinct and drive, and my friend is really enjoying working with her. Mig is also enjoying her time at herding camp. She is progressing along nicely, and my hope is to have her compete in some herding trials someday. I might just have to buy her her own sheep!"

Update: Miga was adopted in April, 2010. Her new family writes: "Just a quick note to let you know that Mig is doing great. She loves to play frisbee. And she loves to go anywhere in the truck. If any doors are open in the truck, she is in it! LOL! She likes to watch agility. Well, she likes to watch anything that moves. But she does control herself, which is more than I can say for my Shelties. She seems to have a very strong herding instinct. I may take her for some herding lessons this Spring and see how she does.

Romping in the snows!

Meet Miga (pronounced Mee-gah, named for the energetic black and white mascot of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics) is an approximately 1 year old very sweet petite girl. She absolutely adores people and gets attached quickly. She is extremely affectionate and sensitive but also energetic and pleasantly confident. Miga is housebroken, crate trained and knows several commands including sit, down and come (she'll also come if you just whistle or snap your fingers).

Miga likes to play with toys and chew on her nylabone.  She'll nose a toy around the floor with her nose (though she's not at all sure what that squeak sound is all about!).  If her canine friends are about, she thinks any time is a good time to start a wrestling match.  When a little quiet time is in order, Miga will settle nicely in her crate (with a treat or toy), or nearby at your feet.  She loves it when you rub her belly.  Miga takes treats from your hand very gently, and will show off her speedy response time for a reward.  Though we're working on enforcing the "four on the floor" (no jumping), this little girl loves to give hugs and kisses. 

As Miga is young and is learning her manners, obedience classes (or equivalent) are recommended.  We expect she'll be a class star, as she is biddable, attentive to her people, and craves your attention.  Though she likes other dogs, she needs experience in how to make friends - she comes on a little strong at first.  Miga wants the attention and approval of her person, and takes correction well.   She has not yet been tested around young children or cats.

This quick, beautiful little girl will melt your heart. She's looking for a home where she will get lots of interaction with her person, playing and learning new things.  Like most border collies, she will require stimulation and exercise - this will likely mean a lot of fun for her person, too!

Update 3/2/2010

Miga has quickly learned her name, and spends her days in constant motion, investigating her surroundings, chewing on her toys, and always keeping tabs on her people.  Her forever home will need to be a place rich with stimulation and human interaction.  Like many border collies, Miga is smart enough to make up her own version of fun if she's not already occupied (beware, you might not like her choice!).  Miga has an endearing appearance and personality that she likes to show off immediately - she likes to be the center of attention. 

When she's excited or bored (and this takes only a Miga-second), Miga tends to create excitement, puppy-style. At this stage, she may be overwhelming for older or less gregarious dogs/people.  A good fit will be essential for all members of her forever family.

Her energy is also her strength.  She readily focuses on you, and she can learn rapidly.  Keep treats in your pockets, and she'll show off her smarts. A forever home with experience/interest in dog training would permit Miga to reach her potential, as she clearly has aptitude. Miga's energy also makes her pretty fun to be around.  She loves it when you show her a toy, then hide it (under your leg, or behind your back), so she can go on the hunt. Sometimes she'll beg you to hold on to a toy just so she can wrestle it away from you. She is very careful only to touch the toy with her mouth.  When instructed to drop a toy, Miga lets go without protest.

Though sometimes I think she'd like to hide her 'off switch' from you (Miga would rather play ALL day), she can be very calm.  She likes to be gently petted behind her ears, and spoken to softly.  She will curl up next to you if you take a nap.

Miga is eating well and is getting close to her ideal weight - though she may yet need another pound or two. Miga needs regular bathrooming opportunities, especially if she's been vigorously playing and drinking water. She is definitely housebroken, however she is currently on a puppy-like shedule.

Miga will be available for adoption soon! 

Update: March 12, 2010

I've been asked whether Miga would excel as a dog athlete - in sports like agility. While I think she has potential (her smarts, her desire to 'do something' with her person, and loads of energy), she simply hasn't had the opportunity to try these things yet in her young life. I hope her forever home will love her first as a cherished family pet, then help her experience a variety of activities to see what interests her most. A committment to a positive dog training is suggested for Miga's forever person, regardless of her activities.

Miga was spayed on March 11, and is recovering nicely. She's scheduled to have her sutures removed on March 22, and will be available for adoption shortly thereafter.

Update: March 23, 2010

Miga's sutures are out, and the veterinarian has given Miga the ok, so MIGA IS NOW READY FOR ADOPTION

Miga is enjoying early Spring, and does show interest in the squirrels and birds on her walks.  Though she was initially somewhat suspicious of toys, she's learned to love them in a big way, always looking for something to chew, shake, pounce on, or toss around.  She'll even play with toys by herself if she can't find anyone to join in.  She needs toys that tolerate a vigorous chew and play session! 

Though Miga does love to wrestle with other dogs, at this stage she does not get along well (at least initially) with every dog.  Miga should be an only dog, or placed in a home where she has demonstrated an ability to get along with her animal siblings.












Miga is named for the black and white mascot of the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada.

Miga Mascot