Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue

Gender: Male
Age: 11 Months
Height/Weight: 19" / 30 lbs
Housebroken: Yes
Fenced yard required: Preferred
Location: SE Wisconsin
Foster Home: Ann
Crate-trained: Yes
Treat-motivated: Yes
Toy-motivated: No
Likes Car Rides: OK
Good with cats: tbd
Good with kids: Yes
Commands: "sit", "kennel" and "go potty" and "nah!"

March, 2014: "Took my niece and nephew on a walk with Finley. I'm not sure who was the most excited to be out. My niece Sophia wanted to know about Finley's collar, which has hearts and says "rescued", so I explained how one of the many reasons that Finley Is special is because of where he comes from. Adoption is the best choice we ever made! He is the best, sweetest dog we've ever had! We adore him! He's so gentle with the little babies and plays so sweetly with Isabella. Thank YOU for allowing him to be in our lives!"

May 2013: "Hello! I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner about giblets obedience class. He did great! He is one of three dogs there. The first class was working on the commands sit, down, stand, and turn out. You taught him well so he knew half the course material! He's going to do great. He already made friends with a young pitbull mix. He is always so sweet and loves loves loves his numerous day walks/runs an car rides. He's just happy to be in the same room with us and the feeling is mutual. He had his booster vaccines last Friday and is scheduled for his heart worm and tick preventive next week. Overall he is pure perfection. We love him!"

April, 2013: "Finley did GREAT at his first Chicago vet visit. He received 3 vaccines (one was lepto because we go walking/running in the forest preserves a bit). He also had some blood work done to check for blood borne parasites. I picked up his heartworm medicine and he is scheduled for booster vaccines in 3 weeks. He did not cry, bark, or whine. He squirmed a bit, but that is expected. This week, he has done a few runs with me and done very well. He has been on at least 1 walk daily, but usually more. Isabella and I just got back from a walk to our local university with Finley. He seems to enjoy watching the ducks in the pond there, as you can imagine.

"He has been enjoying the toys you sent with him, so thank you. It was so nice for Finley to have part of his wonderful first home with him here. Every night, he sleeps on the floor (His crate is open, but he prefers the carpet). To my daughter's chagrin, he will not jump up and sleep in her bed at night. Maybe some day. :) All in all, though, he is doing great. He is enjoying his car rides more and more (he's in the car daily). We even brought him to Isabella's friend's softball game, where several kids came up (ran!) and petted him...Finley just sat and wagged his tail. So sweet. So lovable. Tomorrow, we plan on doing some hiking at a local forest preserve with some friends and their dogs, too. Then, Finley has another doggie playdate. We are really having fun with him. And I hope he is enjoying us! I will forward a picture of Finley and Isabella from tonight. By the way, Isabella really got a kick out of her picture on the website."

Congratulations to Finley and his sister on their graduation from Obedience Class!

Finely was adopted in April, 2013. Here he is with his new family!

April 2, 2013: First things first: there's nothing wrong with this little fella's eye. It's called parti-color--half blue and half brown. I think it gives him character!

Now, down to the really important stuff. Finley is just a little ball of sweetness all wrapped up in some incredibly soft multi-colored fur!! This guy LOVES people--large, small, young and old. He asks nothing more than to be at your side. OK, and maybe some squeaky toys and a nice walk or two every day!

He learns very quickly. In the first 2 weeks with me, he learned:

1. His name.
2. That he has to sit politely before he gets leashed up to go outside.
3. To go to his crate before he gets his food or treats.
4. That "NAH!" means "stop whatever you're doing".
5. How to jump out of the back of my van after a ride.
6. Not to walk between my legs when he's on-leash.

He's a pleasure to work with, because he just wants to please! He's just as happy getting a good neck scritch as he is getting a treat to reward him for a job well done. He's also making huge strides in walking on leash, but will need continued work to polish his newly acquired skills.

I don't know if he had ever been inside a house before, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that his housetraining is perfect!! He hasn't had a single accident in the house or in his crate. When he needs to go outside, he whines softly to get my attention. Once he gets outside, he will "go potty" and "make poopies" on command.

I'm finding that patience, a happy voice and gentle coaxing with treats go a long way in building this guy's courage when he's faced with an unfamiliar situation. He doesn't know how to negotiate stairs yet, but we're working on it (using aforementioned formula), and I doubt that it will be long before he's bopping up and down the basement stairs on his own!

I'd like to see Finley go to a home with a fenced yard, because he is fascinated by birds and will try to chase them when they fly by. This special, gentle little guy has a lot to give, and is looking forward to finding a permanent place in someone's heart!

Finley quickly learned his name and I think he'll have a good recall as he just wants to be with his person. We're working on "sit" and walking on leash. When I walk him he wants to be RIGHT next to me, like rubbing up against my leg or walking between my feet. He enjoys exploring in the back yard, thinks snow is great fun (he likes to roll in it, dig in it and eat it!), but doesn't get too far away from me. He LOVES to be loved on. I think he's a timid boy and will need someone who can build his confidence.

When he saw my neighbor's Golden outside, Finley's hackles went up and he barked and did his best "tough dog" imitation. But when we approached the fence, Finley cowered behind my legs. Finley lets me take treats and toys from him without any fuss and I'm starting to work on "drop it" with him. He loves his crate.

I "think" he's housetrained. He hasn't had a single accident in his crate or when I let him explore the dining room, but I haven't yet allowed him into the rest of the house (carpet!) He's got typical puppy inquisitiveness and wants to pick up everything in his mouth (gloves, shoes, electrical cords), but he easily gives them up when asked.