Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue

Tacoma, now Finnegan
Gender: Male
Age: Puppy
Height/Weight: Wee Tiny
Fenced yard required:
Location: SE Michigan
Foster Home: Sue
Likes Car Rides:
Good with cats:
Good with kids: Yes

March, 2013: Just wanted to send an update on Finnegan, or Tacoma as he used to be called. He is doing very well! He goes to work every day with my husband and his dog brother, Chase. He looooooves Chase. If they are separated, he cries and does a bizarre whine/scream for a few minutes. He is getting along well with our 3 cats also.

Finnegan is also an insane cuddler. He is currently laying half in my lap...he is usually laying totally in my lap. Which is ok...but he's about 50lbs now and a wee big for a lap dog. At night he sleeps in bed with us and generally sleeps on my or my husband's feet.

He also loves being outside and will insist on staying out for long periods of time in our back yard. He enjoys going for walks and car rides. Inside, he does have an off switch and is fine chewing nylabones, kongs, and whatever toys he can find to play with.

All in all, he is a great little dog and I'm hoping he is as happy with us as we are with him.

Tacoma was adopted in August, 2013 and is now known as Finnegan.

Tacoma and Tundra are definitely different than the rest of the puppy pile - they are growing more slowly, (not poorly, just won't be as large as the rest) and have quite different demeanors too. Amazing how that 'Nature' shows itself off right from the start, with the same 'Nurture.'

Tacoma is our comfort loving soul. He will crawl away from the rest of the pupy pile to go to his momma's soft pillow-bed at the end of the pen. He curls up in a 'crease' in it, usually upside down, and sleeps in a cushion fit for a prince! He dreams a lot, and also is VERY ticklish - you can get both hind legs, and sometimes three legs, kicking when you tickle belly, chest, neck, almost anywhere! He is a great cuddler, and doesn't care whether he's right side up or upside down! He also dove into the food with gusto...

Tacoma started off with his black, tan, and white very clearly defined, but now he's getting VERY spotty everywhere, especially his little round belly! His front paws have lots and lots of tan spots, and his belly skin under all that white fur is black.

Brand new Tacoma, born June 22, 2013.