Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue

Rainy Daze
Gender: Female
Age: 6 Years Old
Height/Weight: tbd / 28 lbs
House-trained: Yes
Fenced yard required: Yes
Location: Southern Minnesota
Foster Home: Kim
Crate-trained: Yes
Toy-motivated: Yes
Likes Car Rides:
Good with cats:
Good with kids:

November, 2014: Rainy and her BC brother, also adopted.

Rainy was adopted in August, 2014. Doesn't she look happy?

“Rainy Daze” is her name, but she goes by Rainy. Rainy is a beautiful white and black, prick ear, 28 lb, 6 year old Border Collie who is deaf. She was born deaf and so she knows no different. In fact, most people are shocked when they hear that she is deaf as they can’t even tell. Rainy loves to go for walks and we do play with the leash a bit on the walk. It is cute how goofy she can get. She is an amazingly fun dog with a ton of personality! When Rainy is outside she is in her element. She loves to run, of course showing off on how fast she can run, we also call her “White Lightening” for a reason, and herd the other dogs as they play ball.

Rainy isn’t really into fetching or playing with the ball when she is outside, but she does like to have one in her mouth as she runs around the backyard. When inside the house, that is a different story. She LOVES to play ball and will even toss it to you when she brings it back…it is very cute. Of course, Rainy is a crazy fanatic over bones, especially elk antlers...yum! She is a bit of a resource guarder as she will guard her bones from the other dogs. She also loves soft toys, but you have to watch her with plush, fleece or rope toys, even a Kong Wubba isn’t safe, as she likes to nibble at the material and eat it! Whatever she eats has always come out the other end just fine as the pieces that she chews off are very small.

We have also discovered that Rainy loves to play Frisbee. With her being deaf, she isn’t allowed off leash in an unfenced area, so she plays Frisbee on a cable in the front of the house. We mainly do short throws, but she certainly lights up when you play with her. In fact, she will even grab the Frisbees and deposit them in front of the door and bark to let me know that she is ready to play. Rainy also loves to ride bike. She runs alongside of the bike on leash so nicely and is so in tune with turns, etc. She can normally be a bit leash reactive when walking, but when riding bike, it is all work. Nothing seems to take her attention away from the run. Rainy is amazingly smart, confident and very loveable. She gets picked her up a lot and she almost jumps up into your arms. She also loves to give kisses.

Rainy is looking for a home that:

1) Does not have any other female dogs. Rainy had a problem with a female dog at her home, which is the main reason she is in search of a new home.

2) Is VERY active. She needs to be exercised daily, both mentally and physically.

3) Is up to the challenge of caring for a deaf dog. You learn to communicate by hand signals, vibrations and lights.

4) Can deal with her leash reactivity. She barks a lot more on leash and gets more riled up, but when she is off leash she is very good with other dogs.

5) MOST OF ALL, can love her and keep her safe for the rest of her life. She has been in her current home for 5 years, but before that she was in a number of different homes. Our goal is to have this be her final transition.

Rainy eats twice daily and she always eats out of puzzle toys. She really enjoys the challenge and it helps with the mental stimulation. She is a master of the commands sit, down, and touch. In fact, in her obedience class she had the fastest down in class! Due to the “issue” with the other female dog, Rainy does currently stay in a kennel during the day. With that said, she really does just fine out of the kennel also as she does not get into any mischief, except maybe chasing the cats a little. She is sometimes is so sound asleep on the couch that she doesn’t even wake…remember, she can’t hear you. Typically, she is just left until she awakes on her own, but you want to be sure not to startle her. Don’t worry, she will not bite, but it does scare her and she will jump just like we do when we are startled. Most of the time if you put your hand up by her nose or gently blow on her that is enough to wake her without startling her.

She is the most loveable dog in the world and she will surely be missed, but she needs to be in a place where she can be truly happy without the stress in her current home. Yes, Rainy does have a few more difficulties to deal with than your run of the mill dog, but trust me, she is worth it! I swear she will melt your heart!! Could “Rainy Daze” be the perfect fit for your home?