Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue

Reade, now Magic
Gender: Male
Age: 2-4 Years Old
Height/Weight: 22" /33 lbs
House-trained: learning
Fenced yard required: no
Location: Northern Indiana
Foster Home: Kathy P.
Crate-trained: Yes
Treat-motivated: Yes
Toy-motivated: tbd
Likes Car Rides: tbd
Good with cats: tbd
Good with kids: tbd
Commands: sit, come

December, 2014: "Good morning from Cody’s Dad! At the moment, I have two Border collies in my office and they are sleeping within three feet of each other. As always, Cody has been the King of Aloofness – nothing rattles him. Our first night together was actually NO BIG DEAL. Upon arrival, yesterday afternoon, I took Magic for a long walk before bringing him into the apartment. Magic has been very relaxed through the first 19 hours. He was so relaxed in his new surroundings that I brought his bed into the bedroom, placed it on the floor next to me, and he knew that’s where he was going to sleep. I awoke at 4:15 this morning and he was in the bed, sound asleep. Since he hadn’t had his first poop yet, I got dressed and took him out. No accidents during the night. He was very efficient with a long pee and his first poop. Cody didn’t even bother waking up for this event. During activities in the kitchen this morning, both BC’s were in the kitchen, their bodies touching as they sat next to each other. Cody and Magic have been very respectful and accepting of each other, and for those of us who know how the Codeman operates, this is no surprise. A few times this morning, Cody picked up a squeaky toy that had been examined by Magic, Magic would come over and deftly remove the toy from Cody’s mouth. Cody’s reaction? “Here, take the toy, nothing to argue about, we’re cool.” No growling, no arguments, no attempts at domination.

Magic taking a nap. Interesting that he places his head on a convenient pillow.

"Magic has taken to his bed…”I know what this is!” Magic has displayed EXCEPTIONAL skills with meeting people and new dogs. Brandy, who belongs to Donna, stopped by for a visit. Brandy can be aggressive with dogs who are aggressive with her, but within seconds of meeting Magic, she dropped into the play position. Magic became a little unsettled with Flip, a Pug, after she started to bat him with her paws, but he just backed off. After breakfast I saw Magic starting to look out the slider and two windows, like he wanted to go out. We were outside within a couple of minutes and he promptly took another long pee and another poop.

“What’s next, Dad?” Cody has started to acknowledge Magic’s presence…he will look at him while exchanging nose touches. They are both very polite with each other’s spacing. They are drinking simultaneously from the jumbo water bowl in the kitchen. Magic has become aware of the secondary water bowl in the bathroom, very useful in keeping heads of the toilet. And, Magic jumped up on the love seat for a nap. He knows where comfort is!

“Cody told me I am allowed on the furniture. OK!”

He spent 75 minutes at an assisted living facility this morning, visiting Chris's Mom in the large entry lobby. Magic was gentle and accepting of everyone. wheelchairs . walkers. canes, motorized wheelchairs....NO PROBLEM. He is now eagerly jumping into car...much more relaxed with everything...quick learner...eager learner...

Reade (now Magic) was adopted by GLBCR alum Cody and his human, Tom. We look forward to reading all about their adventures on Cody's blog, CodemanBC

Reade came to GLBCR as a stray. Best guess is he never lived in house and received little to no human attention. In just the short week he has been in foster care he has decided that people are the best thing in life next to other running, playful dogs. This boy is the whole package, energetic and athletic. Given proper exercise he shuts off well in the night and is learning to be a world class cuddler.

He isn't quite house trained but he is learning quickly. He wasn't initially fond of the crate but now goes in willingly and sleeps quietly through the night. He is still coming out of his shell but all signs point to this boy being a great companion. He can be a bit "in your face" and herdy with other dogs but calls off easily and respects another dog's correction.

His house manners are coming along nicely, he has quickly learned that counter surfing is not appreciated by his foster mom nor is stealing the remote or cell phone chargers. He has discovered toys and once he finds that it squeaks he will happily squeak away.

Reade is a dog who can be most anything his owner wants, he is learning to walk/run on lead so will make a good running buddy with a bit more training, he is athletic enough to be an agility dog, has some herding instinct so could do some work, or he would also be happy to be someone's one and only. He won't be around for long so if you are looking for a medium to high energy dog look no further. He is untested on cats and his foster mom has no way to test him so only homes with dog savvy cats will be considered.