Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue

Gender: Male
Age: 1 Year
Height/Weight: 22" / 37 lbs
House-trained: Yes
Fenced yard required: No
Location: SE Michigan
Foster Home: Sue S.
Crate-trained: Yes
Treat-motivated: Yes
Toy-motivated: Very!
Likes Car Rides: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Good with kids: Yes
Commands: Sit, Lie Down, Stay, Leave it

G. was adopted in February, 2016. Here he is with his new human!

Our first update: "Well found G's off switch today! He's been sacked out since he ate his dinner. He's been so good on his recalls that I tried him on a long line, and then took him for a second walk this afternoon and let him off leash. He has an amazing recall to a whistle! I made him come to me and take a cookie, and then threw the frisbee. He was all over that! He had a blast running and sniffing. Then came home, ate a big dinner and crashed. I was watching him too closely for many pics, but I did take one shot for you.

He's really relaxing today and gaining confidence. But he did start chasing the cats today. Bad side to the confidence gain. Brat dog! But he isn't going to hurt them, and he isn't the first dog to chase them. Gypsy is also a brat dog!

I'd better go cuddle G because he moved over to crash in a boneless heap on my lap. I hope things are getting back to normal at your place. Relax and know all's well here with G.

If you are looking for a lithe, agile, FAST, talented, focused, super high energy, yet snuggly and lovable canine sport partner, G. IS YOUR DOG!!!!! He is a purebred, classically marked Black & White smooth-coat BC. Think "Wash-n-wear, Easy-Care" coat!

Sadly, G., with his older BC brother Cap and a Feline sibling, were all surrendered together to a shelter when their owner passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. GLBCR learned that G. has had some professional training, but we are not exactly sure what or where that was. What we DO know, however, is that he has a 'snap-fast' Sit and Lie Down. He is VERY focused on 'his' person, and has no desire to wander. He LOVES tug of war, fetch, frisbee (see video clip - he's pretty darned good already at a wonderful leap and catch!) and general rough-and-ready race-around-and-wrestle playtime with his foster home 'sister' (a 4 year old PB BC female.)

I (his foster mom Sue) think that G. would TRULY LOVE to become a disc dog. He would also SERIOUSLY ENJOY and EXCEL at Flyball, possibly Dock Diving (he loves the run-leap-and-catch game with any object!) and doesn't seem afraid of much after he is introduced to it once or twice. He hasn't been tried on agility equipment or sheep, but I suspect he would do well there too, as he would like to herd my hens alongside my own BC. He is NOT nippy, though, and calls off easily. He has rapidly learned to ignore our resident Conure. He is bright, inquisitive, and seems intelligent. (He mastered all three of our puzzle toys on each of his first three meals here!) When he is offered human play and interaction, nothing distracts him from that. He has that 'slightly crazy look in his eyes,' intensely focused on his handler.

G. is housebroken, and knows to 'go' immediately upon being taken outside. He walks fairly well on a leash, though he does not know 'heel' yet. He is responsive to a light tug on the line, and immediately looks back for 'further instructions...' G. goes happily into his crate, and will sometimes choose to go in to lie down on his bed in there (door open.)

He is the BEST foster I've ever had about being quiet and patient in his crate! He waits quietly in the morning until I come down, then casually gets up and stretches, wags, then sits again when commanded before I open the door.

Some things we are working on (but I believe they will be 'installed' rapidly, since he learns quickly!) are counter-surfing and furniture-sharing. He was most certainly allowed on all of the furniture in his former home.... He looks so surprised and disappointed when I deny him the premium spot on the couch! On the plus side, though, G. definitely learned well in his former home about what IS and what IS NOT a dog toy! He has NOT ONCE selected any item (i.e. shoe, pillow, sock, etc.) which was not intended to be a a dog toy. He DOES go straight to the basket which he has discovered is his source of nylabones, kong-toys, tugs, stuffies, and other dog-approved items, and gleefully plays with them. (He is a master at removing stuffing in record time!) He takes treats gently, waits his turn when all of my 'furkids' are sitting lined up for treats, he isn't picky about his food, and has not exhibited any resource guarding of food. He occasionally will 'guard' his toys from my male BC mix, but I think that's more due to the fact that G. quickly learned that my male BC is a bit of a 'weenie,' lol, and will immediately surrender and back away from whatever G. decides he wants!

While it DOES take a LOT of exercise AND mental challenge every day to settle him, once he is well worked he is a FABULOUS snuggle-bug! He likes to crawl up in my lap while I'm watching the evening news and rest there. He isn't pushy about his pets and scratches, but he enjoys them thoroughly when they're offered! He prefers to be near 'his human.' As I type this, he is laying peacefully on the floor next to my chair.

G. is NOT a dog for a 'new to Border Collies' owner, nor is he suited for a 'pet household.' He will thrive best with a long-term job working hard and happily for his person. He is way too busy and energetic to be left to his own devices for exercise. He's the kind of guy for whom a 4-mile jog would be a really nice warm-up before going on to his 'real' performance training & job. While he is definitely not a timid dog, he is a typical BC in that ANY harsh training methods would quickly shut him down. He responds VERY WELL to soft, quiet, direct, consistent, clear instruction.

G. is a calm, quiet passenger in the car, too! No car sickness or pacing or whining. He isn't keen on getting in, but I'd guess that is because he's been transferred to so many new and unfamiliar places and homes during the last few weeks. I think he has just decided that he is HAPPY in his new digs, and really doesn't want to go 'back' to the shelter! Once he learns that getting in the car means 'going to have fun fun fun' I think he'll gladly leap in!