Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue

Gender: Male
Age: 7 Years
Height/Weight: 19" / 35 lbs
House-trained: Yes
Fenced yard required: Yes
Location: Mid-Michigan
Foster Home: Pam and Roberta
Crate-trained: Yes
Treat-motivated: Yes
Toy-motivated: Yes
Likes Car Rides: Yes
Good with cats: Dog savvy cats
Good with kids: tbd
Commands: Sit, down, kennel-up, outside

Buzz was adopted in March, 2017. Here he is with his new family -- Buzz is the fourth dog they've adopted from GLBCR!

"On the way home, Buzz looked around the car and out the window a little, then laid down and curled up. When we got out of the car he found the back door, but he wanted to explore the yard, so we wandered all over for about 15 min. There were areas of the yard that got peed on multiple times as they each had to pee over the others pee. His crate was by the door when we got home so we got that set up for him. Phil and Maxx were heading out for a walk. Because of his interest in the outside earlier I figured I'd see if he was interested in walking as far as the park entrance with them. When we got outside he immediately plastered himself against the door, so he and I came back in. His tail went between his legs for that, but otherwise he has been interested in what is going on around him and his tail has been up. From how you described how he acted when he came to you, it is clear that you did a great job of making him feel secure.

"I really appreciate all the input you gave us. Having a heads of how he reacts to different situations, and what you found helpful for him is a big help. Maxx is perkier with him here. I think we have really lucked out with Buzz and Maxx.

What a guy he is! Who wouldn’t want a sensitive, playful, eager to please partner?

Apparently, someone didn’t, otherwise why else would a guy like this end up in a shelter?

Buzz arrived at my house from Kentucky as part of a “rescue transport train” in January….a filthy, skinny, smelly withdrawn little BC boy, at just over 30 pounds. Buzz sat sullen in his crate for several days until he started to feel more comfortable and settled. It didn’t take long to confirm that Buzz has a problem with his eyesight – like the shelter peeps thought they saw. Although he has adapted very well to his limited sight abilities, during his 1st day here Buzz ran headlong into a Maple tree in my yard. Within a couple days of his arrival, I took him in to give him the vaccinations the shelter didn’t give, and the veterinarian examined his eye and told me he probably has PRA, or Progressive Retinal Atrophy, a congenital disorder that can occur in Border Collies as well as many other dog breeds. Well, it could be worse! He could be completely blind. But he isn’t! Buzz has found his way around his new (temporary) home very well! He finds his way to the door that leads to outside, and he knows his way around my fenced yard, too.

But, let’s not dwell on his ONE problem! Buzz has SO much to offer his new owner! He is eager to learn, and he loves being with his person. It doesn’t take much of a correction if he is caught doing something he shouldn’t; a simple “Angh, angh!” should work. Buzz LOVES squeaky toys, and will play by himself for quite a while, sometimes tossing the toy into the air. He will empty a toy basket looking for just the right toy! One day he was in a corner sniffing and scratching behind a couple folded chairs propped up. I said, “OK, Buzz, I’ll move the chairs to show you there’s nothing there.” Boy, was I wrong! He’d found his favorite squeaky frog hiding there!

Here are his “vitals”: Buzz is somewhere around 5-7 years old. We think! He could be younger, but we don’t think he is any older, as evidenced by his teeth (which are pearly white & clean!) and his behavior. He came here weighing 30.2 pounds, and when he was neutered about 3 weeks later, he weighs 34.8 pounds! At 19” tall, and with his body type, he should probably weigh around 38 pounds, so he has a bit to go. After a couple weeks, he understood his name, but he can be re-named when he goes to his new home, too. He knows “sit”, “down”, “kennel-up”, and is starting to understand “wait” & loose leash walking, among other things. Of course, his new owner will need to continue his lessons, preferably in a training class!

Buzz is VERY sound sensitive! The first time he heard gunshot when he was outside, here, sent him TEARING to the door and bashing against it to get in. We wonder if perhaps that is how he got away from his original owner & into a shelter. Be aware that if Buzz is sensitive to gunshot noise, he WILL be sensitive to thunderstorms and fireworks! Almost all of my BCs have had this sensitivity, and it is generally an expected thing due to their sensitivity to movement and other sound; that is part of what makes the BC a superior herding dog!

Buzz has met ALL of my 4 little dogs, and one is just 4#! He is good around them all! He ADORES my Giselle, who is a 8# dynamo who instigates him into crazy play! She jumps on him; he takes her down with a swipe of his paw. It is all good fun! When he went to the vet for his neuter, Buzz met one of the office cats up close and didn’t care at all. A frightened cat that will run in a new home may be something completely different, however. Dog broke cat = good. Scardy cat = great chase fun!

I have not had Buzz out with my 2 BCs. NOT because of him, but because my 2 can be buttheads around new dogs, and I don’t want Buzz traumatized by them!

Buzz seems to be potty trained, and he will move towards the outside door if he has to go outside. I had one pee accident when he didn’t indicate he needed to go, so I would recommend Buzz wear an “umbilical leash” or drag line to make him easier to grab to take him outside. Also, because he was just neutered, he will initially have the tendency to raise his leg & mark in a new environment. Although he is sensitive to a quick verbal correction, you must be alert at all times, which I am not! So, Buzz wears a “cummerbund” or belly band when he is out of his crate. He hasn’t offered to mark in quite a while. In fact yesterday I forgot to put his belly band on, and (fingers crossed!) he was fine! I personally ALWAYS give a new dog limited access to my house at first, increasing that access as the new dog shows reliability. It makes life a WHOLE lot easier for everyone, and helps to create success for the newbie!

Buzz is the quintessential BC: he is smart, handsome, a quick learner, responsive, loyal and affectionate. Just WHAT is there NOT to love about him?!