Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue

Gender: Male
Age: 3 Months
Height/Weight: 12"/12.5 lbs
House-trained: Learning
Fenced yard required:
Location: Mid-Michigan
Foster Home: Shayne
Crate-trained: Learning
Treat-motivated: Yes
Likes Car Rides:
Good with cats: Yes
Good with kids:

Casanova was adopted in March, 2017. Here he is with his new mom and foster family!

Casanova really loves everyone he meets. His tail never stops wagging. His "happy meter" never stops wagging ever! He is a puppy and acts like a puppy. He hops on everyone and wants to chew the nearest object i.e. fingers, shirts, hair....whatever he is able to reach. We've tried the "ouch" and "yip" but haven't figured out what correction he listens to but usually giving him a chew toy helps.

Casanova has pounced across just about every surface there is and he doesn't seem to even notice. Especially if he's tired and needs to immediately nap. He curls up wherever he is and preferably by his person.

He is very curious and playful. He will entertain himself if no one is available. He prefers the cat toys. He loves the crinkle balls and has invented his own game. He drops them between the slots in the coffee table so he may work to get them out. If you retrieve it for him, he immediately places it back between the slots. And goes back to retrieving it on his own.

He is very close to playing fetch. He will go get it but his short attention span doesn't lend itself to return it more than once or twice. He will play fetch with himself. i.e. he tosses a cat toy around and retrieves it.

He's quiet for the most part. He speaks when in his crate and needs to go outside. Occasionally he speaks when he plays or wants someone to play with him.

He enjoys laying on a giant dog bed and chewing a plethora of toys and bones. Then sneaking in a nap or to but he does like to find his person and ask politely to be picked up so he can nap on or next to them. He will walk over sit in front or next to you make eye contact then give you his paw so you can pick him up. He doesn't speak i.e. demand but he's so cute and gentle we pick him up. I don't have the backbone to say no. I'm under his love spell! lol.

We have cut his nails 3X. He is easily distracted with a treat but it's a 2 person job right now. I to hold him and the treat and I to trim his nails. As he grows with regular nails trims I'm sure it will get easier. We haven't tackled bath time but he enjoyed being towel dried after going potty outside in the pouring rain. Also, the rain didn't seemed to bother him. He listened to the thunder but was easily distracted.

If he does hear a scary sound in the yard he immediately runs to safety. His safety is the front door on our porch. If he is inside and hears something scary, he makes eye contact and then runs to you. If I'm squatting he will run under me...once he grows I may be in trouble with that move. lol. He isn't scared very much just once in awhile.

Casanova's other default behavior is he sits when he's thinking. New or unusual situations he likes to sit and assess it for a few seconds but he's quick to jump right in. He's social. He loves everyone and other dogs.

He's gentle for a puppy. He's curious and can be cautious but he craves activities. He's smart and likes new experiences i.e. games, toys, people, dogs whatever works his brain.

He's a sweet beautiful puppy soul! Casanova will definitely improve with age as his training continues.

Single young male seeks a forever relationship.

Casanova is an 11 week old gentleman in training. His strengths include pouncing to the object of his desires be it a person or a toy. Grabbing short naps near his person's feet as well as sitting briefly to get the big picture when faced with new situations before diving right in.

He's eloquently dressed in black with a thin bow tie-neck tie combo. He sports subtle white wing tipped paws with nearly invisible wisps of white on the back of his legs. His beautiful smooth coat is topped off by an adorable white whisker. His handsome face is completed with a barely visible swipe of white just left of his nose.

He's definitely dressed for success. All he seeks now is a loving heart to teach him the proper puppy manners to help him grow into a perfect gentleman.

Give this little guy half a chance and he will charm his way into your heart forever or is that Fur-ever!?