Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Gender: Female
Age: 12 Years
Height/Weight: 18.5" / 42 lbs
House-trained: Yes
Fenced yard required: Yes
Location: NW Michigan
Foster Home: Kelly O.
Crate-trained: Yes
Treat-motivated: No
Toy-motivated: No
Likes Car Rides: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Good with kids: Yes

Mabel was adopted in January, 2017. Here she is with her new human!

What a great Christmas Mabel had! After months of missing her "people" and being rather withdrawn, Mabel came out of her shell to let some new folks in. For over a week, there were new people coming and going, and at one time there were 6 dogs in the house (3 BC's, 1 Aussie, 1 Pug and 1 Pitbull). Mabel handled it all like a champ, prompting my son to note that, "Mabel is the most chill dog ever!". She made herself comfortable in the house (not her usual apartment), and found 3-4 favorite sleeping spots. She spent sofa time with several new people and enjoyed the attention of all. She was curious and engaged each time presents were opened, enjoyed chew treats with the other dogs, and came over to sit by the people she wanted attention from.

Mabel's health issues seem to be well under control. She is stabilized on her seizure medication--has not had one for over 2 months now. She also takes an anti-inflammatory which is helping greatly with the stiffness in her legs. Mabel will never be a jogging buddy, and may take a bit of time to build trust. But she is such an easy girl--no dietary restrictions, good teeth and overall health. She is a dignified lady who has never had an accident in the house, and I've had her for over 5 months. She is not afraid of storms or fireworks, gets along with cats and did beautifully with my 2 y/o granddaugther. This pretty girl would be great company to someone who either does not live an active lifestyle, or who may be active but doesn't necessarily want to include a dog in that aspect of their lives.

Poor Mabel has had a bit of a struggle over the past 3 months, after suffering a cluster seizure that nearly took her life. We now think she has likely been epileptic for some time, and when dumped without her medication. This old gal is a tough bird, however, and has fought valiantly to come back. Her ability to do so speaks to the strength of her health otherwise! For 2 1/2 months, she has been back on anti-seizure medication, and we are continuing to lower her dose (the medication makes her a bit sleepy). She has had no further seizures. With her sleepiness being all that remains from this scary health detour, she has regained her status of "adoptable.

The severe shedding she experienced after coming into rescue--and having all those fur knots cut out and being repeatedly bathed--is starting to slow. She has lost just about all the weight she needs to, which has helped her back leg pain. Although she will likely never jump onto a sofa or into a car by herself (she will jump down from those places), she now gets up much easier from a lying down position, and is starting to rock some spectacular cat-like stretches after a nap.

Other than monitoring of her medication, Mabel is a low-maintenance girl. She is not a picky eater, and has a good appetite. She does not need a lot of exercise. What she needs is a comfy, fat bed by your feet, a couple of brushings and ear scritches each day, and to hear your voice often. Although we don't know what her life was like in earlier years, we know that she is certainly better off now than when she was found, dirty, matted, and discarded along a road. We're excited that wherever she goes, she will end her days loved, warm and comfy!

Miss Mabel wants everyone to know that she is feeling much better and sends her thanks for the well wishes!!!

If ever there were a sweet canine soul, it's Mabel. She is looking for a soft place to land for the remainder of her golden years--a home that will help her forget that someone unceremoniously dumped her on a county roadside at age 12.

Mabel was found lying by a busy road, unable to walk. Animal Control picked her up and, assuming she'd been hit by a car, and took her to the local vet. A thorough examination and x-rays determined she had not no injuries. A large tick was found, and within an hour of removing that tick, she was up walking, eating and drinking. The vet says her inability to walk had likely been a combination of classic tick paralysis and depression.

Mabel was taken to the local shelter (see photo) where she did not do well at all. She shook, hid in her cage and would not eat or drink. After two days, the shelter contacted the vet, who took her back to her office and contacted GLBCR. As with many rescues, we can only guess at her story, but the vet feels perhaps her owner was elderly and passed away, and no one in the family wanted Mabel.

The vet is guessing she is 12, due to some stiffness in her hind-quarters, and cloudiness in her eyes (not really visible in the sunlight, but noticeable in the evening hours and inside). Mabel sees, but likely not well. Her hearing seems fine.

For a senior girl with eyesight issues, she is actually in really good shape. Her blood work is normal, and she has good teeth (a bit of tartar, but not much for her age). She was overweight when she came into rescue--it was obvious someone had been feeding her plenty of treats. She also had not had a good brushing in ages--her fur had so many knots that it literally took days to cut them out. Between cutting out the knots, bathing and brushing, three plastic grocery bags were filled with her fur. She feels SO much better now!

Although Mabel is eating and drinking well, it's still hard to tell exactly what tricks she may know, or whether she is treat or toy motivated. She has been so devastated missing her person--likely a man, as she is very responsive to male voices--that she is just starting to come out of her shell. She is being fostered in an upstairs apartment, and the first day did NOT want to do those stairs! But she is a quick study--she watched the foster mom's other dog trot up and down the stairs, and by day #2, the stairs were not an issue at all.

The vet prescribed some anti-inflammatory meds which seem to have greatly helped the joint stiffness. Between going up and down the stairs each day, and a couple of (short, but getting slightly longer each time) walks each day, Mabel has already lost 6 pounds. To be fair, a pound or two of that was probably fur! Each walk is getting longer, and she is actually now trotting on occasion. My niece took her to the beach and walked her to the water--she walked right in! She could probably stand to lose another 4-5 pounds--every little bit is going to help the stiffness. She seems to enjoy going places in the car. I have a small SUV, so the seats are a little high and she needs help getting up into the car. She does jump back out by herself though.

Yesterday Mabel took a treat from my hand--the first time. Two days before, she actually came to the door to greet me after work. The progress may come slowly with this girl, but it is happening. She loves to lay by my feet--loves to be brushed and have a back rub. When you stop brushing or petting, she gives a "paw swat" to make sure you keep going. This girl even loved her bath, and lay right down in the water, so relaxed!

Mabel will need a home with someone who has a heart for grand old dames. She can be crated, but there is no need, as she does not get into mischief. She is completely housebroken, is very quiet (I've never heard her bark--she has only whined a few times to go out), and has impeccable manners. She will never be anyone's jogging buddy, and probably isn't a candidate for the dog park. But she enjoys her walks, being around people and being with her special person. Once she pledges her allegiance, she is going to make someone an excellent companion!